SCRIP is a national fundraising program based on the purchase of gift cards. Families purchase gift cards from national and local retailers, restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores. They are the same gift cards that you would buy at the actual store or restaurant. So how do these gift cards help us raise money? It’s simple – SCRIP participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our school at a discount. Families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and our school keeps the difference as revenue. And SCRIP is exciting, because everybody wins:

  • The retailer gets cash up front and repeat business
  • You get a powerful fundraising alternative that requires No Selling of Anything
  • Our school gets a regular source of revenue
  • You earn money as well. We will keep track of your purchases throughout the year and you will earn a percentage of the profit! 

Order forms are sent home every Wednesday.  The "in stock" orders are filled and returned on Friday.  Anything that is ordered that is not "in stock" will be sent home the following Friday. 

  • Scrip is sold every day at the school office during school hours.
  • Scrip is sold every week after the 9:00 and 10:30 Masses on Sunday.
  • SCRIP costs you no additional money. It is a dollar-for-dollar exchange!
  • SCRIP has proven to be a simple and effective fundraising program.