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7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Schedule

5th & 6th Girl's Basketball Schedule

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St. Christine School has a strong athletic program. The qualities that lead to success on the playing field – discipline, teamwork and a desire to achieve one’s personal best – also lead to success in the classroom and in life. Our athletic programs promote physical fitness while fostering healthy competition and good sportsmanship. These programs include:

Program   Season   Participants   Grade Level
Basketball   Winter   Boys   5 to 8
Basketball   fall/winter   Girls   5 to 8
Cheerleading   Fall/Winter   Girls   6 to 8
Cross Country   Fall   Boys and Girls   K to 8
Flag Football   Fall   Boys   K to 4
Football   Fall   Boys   5 to 8
Soccer   Spring   Boys and Girls   k to 8
Track   Spring   Boys and Girls   7 and 8
Volleyball   Fall   Girls   7 and 8