Lunch Program

Saint Christine School serves nutritious meals on school days. Lunches with milk included, are ordered during the week prior to their being served. All lunch money and orders must be in the school office by 9:00 A.M. on Wednesday of the preceding week. The price of the lunch is announced in August. Menus for the entire month are sent home with each child. Children also have the option of packing their own lunch from home. 

As always, parent volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Many parents choose to volunteer in the cafeteria or at recess because it offers a great opportunity to come in, lend a hand and see their children with their friends during the school day. 

St. Christine School Wellness Policy 

Medical Food Restrictions           Lactose Intolerance Policy

Food Allergy Evaluation              Reduced/Free Lunch Policy

Reduced/Free Application          Discrimination Policy

Lunch Volunteer Form

USDA is an equal opportunity provider